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FreeFrom Recipe: Fall in Vegan love

"A party without cake is just a meeting", stated the legendary Julia Child. If you're vegan, or simply intolerant to dairy, you'll need a cake at your wedding or special occasion as much as anyone else. I may have expressed before how passionate I am about ensuring that anyone can 'have their cake & eat it', regardless of allergies or dietary needs.

Vegan wedding cake Complete3

For that reason, I don't charge a penny extra to anyone ordering custom cakes with special dietary requirements at Little Miss Cake Maker, meaning that a 'FreeFrom' cake costs no more than my everyday cakes, and the same goes for corporate cakes and wedding cakes. So this brings me to share my vegan friendly, dairy free sponge cake recipe, which is originally sourced from the Food Network.
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You 8 bit of my heart

Love is in the air as it's Valentine's Day here in the UK, so I thought I'd give you something amazing to fall in love with... Guinness Chocolate Cake.

If you like Guinness, like chocolate, and like cake... you will LOVE this!

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Be Mine you lovely tarts.

It was Valentine's Day a bit ago, so obviously I baked some LOVEly goodies, despite being ill with some weird cold bug. Things have been slightly crazy and eventful since then so unfortunately it's a whole new month now and Valentine's day has since been forgotten and replaced with thoughts of Easter and it's Eggy goodness. However here's my resulting Valentine's bakes...

Queen of Jam Tarts came from a recipe posted by the lovely Party Ideas UK, with zero sugar being used in the pastry - the fruity jam provides the sweetness instead.

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