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Merry Christmas & a Happy New CAKE!

So you may have noticed that it's nearly blimin' Christmas! With that in mind, I made some mince pies. When I've perfected that recipe, I will be more than happy to share it with you, but it needs a bit of fine tuning. However, as I am Little Miss Cake Maker and I do love cake, I felt the need to make Mince Pie Cupcakes a thing. And they totally are. They're amazing! Continue reading

Fire up the barbie, it's time for CAKE!

England has actually got some sun, and it's been here for more than a week! This has resulted in being inundated with BBQ invites, and my traditional favourite burger cakes sprung to mind. This time however, I wanted to try something different. A monster sized burger cake.

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Biscuits to die for...

What's an 18th birthday party without zombie biscuits?! Swindon didn't have to find out last week as this amazing biscuity request was made. Zombie cutters and biscuits were temporarily my new favourite thing.

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What's for dessert..? Burgers, anyone?

Our British summertime is proving to be perhaps even rainier and sun-less than usual, but what's summer without a BBQ?! No matter what the weather, these burger cakes are the answer.

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So long, and thanks for all the cake...

A much-loved colleague recently left for pastures new, and it seemed only right to make her an epic cake for her final day in the office. After all, she was one of our best contributors to the office 'monthly bake-off'.

If something sad is happening, cake can often cheer things up, and it seemed to do the trick this time...

I remembered being shown an amazing pinata cake on the lovely blog A Subtle Revelry (http://asubtlerevelry.com/a-pinata-cake) and on this Thursday evening, set myself the challenge to make my own version.

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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey CAKE!

New episode of Doctor Who equals a totally epic evening. We didn't realise it was also Eurovision night... it's probably best if we just forget the latter part. So a group of us decided to have a gathering to celebrate the viewing of the season finale (we're all geeks and proud of it), and to follow the theme there had to be some epic geeky treats. With a limitless time-frame I would have loved to try my hand at a cakey Dalek or a 3D TARDIS, but here's the result of an afternoon...

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Baa Yumbug.

I love coming across pictures of really creative cake ideas, and challenging myself to recreate them; figuring out how to bring them to life just from seeing a photo of the finished result. Party Ideas UK is an amazing source of inspiration for me, and as we're heading towards Eastertime, sheep cupcakes seemed a perfect design to try!

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Great British Bake Off

It was the deadline for the next series of The Great British Bake Off earlier this week, and I decided to send off an entry form at the last minute, because you never know! Anyhoo I haven't heard anything back so I guess I didn't make it - but looking forward to the show starting again and will definitely try again next year - hopefully with a lot more baking skill!

So to commemorate here's a cake I made earlier, for a good friend who moved to the states.

Union Jack Cake

If you pass go please collect £200

What better way to celebrate Monopoly night than with Monopoly muffins...

After finding a 'super healthy, low fat' muffin recipe I was curious to give it a go, as I've been using a basic cupcake recipe for pretty much everything in the past and I KNOW there is a demand for cakes that you can eat without guilt...

It seemed a surprisingly simple recipe and really quick to make, and knowing what went into the recipe (and more importantly what didn't!) I did have my reservations about the end result. However they came out of the oven looking very much like muffins - not the prettiest cakes I've done, but I had a theme and an idea to spruce them up a little...

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