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Introducing Little Miss... Guest blogger!

I've been meaning to invite a guest blogger to have a slot on here for a while now, and you couldn't get any better than Swindon's very own blogger Born Again Swindonian (AKA Angela Atkinson). With my new 'Bake at Home' kits I thought it only right to have a lovely customer tell you their experience of them, and give everyone an honest review, so that's what Angela has done - it's a bit delayed but here's her Easter Baking kit blog post for you all! Continue reading

Baa Yumbug.

I love coming across pictures of really creative cake ideas, and challenging myself to recreate them; figuring out how to bring them to life just from seeing a photo of the finished result. Party Ideas UK is an amazing source of inspiration for me, and as we're heading towards Eastertime, sheep cupcakes seemed a perfect design to try!

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