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Shoppity shop shop!

Little Miss Cake Maker is officially open for business!

My lovely home page will be transforming very soon into my new and exciting e-commerce website. The blog will still be up and running and easy to find, so if you're a follower or fan and aren't interested in buying stuff, don't despair! If anything, I'm hoping I'll now be able to update the blog more than ever, and share a wider range of creative experimental baking with you :)


Shoppity shop can be found at shop.littlemisscakemaker.com so take a look - it's been intentionally created to be as fun as possible to shop through, and there is SO much development still happening behind the scenes. Many more decorative themes to add to the range you see there - but please send me a message if you have any suggestions or would like something in particular that you don't see already! It's very exciting to be able to share my cakes and creative ideas with you all even more! Email hello@littlemisscakemaker.com

I heart cakes

Look who's Star Baker!

Faringdon Bake Off 2014

Until this weekend, I'd never entered a baking competition before. I've been baking and sharing my cakes with friends, family and co-workers for a couple of years, but complete strangers judging my cakes was totally new territory - I had no idea how good or average they tasted to someone that didn't 'have' to like it.  Continue reading

Merry Christmas & a Happy New CAKE!

So you may have noticed that it's nearly blimin' Christmas! With that in mind, I made some mince pies. When I've perfected that recipe, I will be more than happy to share it with you, but it needs a bit of fine tuning. However, as I am Little Miss Cake Maker and I do love cake, I felt the need to make Mince Pie Cupcakes a thing. And they totally are. They're amazing! Continue reading

Pop goes the candy corn...

After recently spending time in the sunny state of California, I returned home to the South West of England with bags full of american candy. Thanks to demanding work-mates and the upcoming Halloween, I discovered the wonder of candy corn. They're addictive and yummy in a crazy, sugary, artificial kind of way, and I just had to make a cake version of it.

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What's for dessert..? Burgers, anyone?

Our British summertime is proving to be perhaps even rainier and sun-less than usual, but what's summer without a BBQ?! No matter what the weather, these burger cakes are the answer.

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Baa Yumbug.

I love coming across pictures of really creative cake ideas, and challenging myself to recreate them; figuring out how to bring them to life just from seeing a photo of the finished result. Party Ideas UK is an amazing source of inspiration for me, and as we're heading towards Eastertime, sheep cupcakes seemed a perfect design to try!

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Here's something we made earlier...

I'd like to say that these were in aid of charity or something, but they weren't.

A good friend of mine is a very talented cook, she's great at 'proper food' and pastry and all kinds of things I wouldn't know how to prepare, never mind cook. Anyway, she wanted me to show her how to make some cupcakes, and I needed a super distraction the evening before my driving test, so we had a BAKE NIGHT...

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