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You 8 bit of my heart

Love is in the air as it's Valentine's Day here in the UK, so I thought I'd give you something amazing to fall in love with... Guinness Chocolate Cake.

If you like Guinness, like chocolate, and like cake... you will LOVE this!

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Score some brownie points...

Chocolate brownies are one of those amazing things in life. In my years of baking, for no explainable reason I realised I'd never actually baked chocolate brownies for myself. I've eaten them many times, and very much enjoyed them - but I suppose I've just never found an excuse to bake them. Luckily for me, now I bake for paying customers as well as friends and family, I had a perfect reason to make them - and of course before the customer got them, I had to trial a new recipe and taste them for myself! Continue reading

Wake up and smell the sunflowers!

Sometimes in England you have to bring your own sunshine to the party - and I find these Oreo Sunflowers seem to do just the trick! I made these cupcakes a few years ago after a friend found a similar image online and challenged me to make my own version. Continue reading

Swindon, here's a cake with your name on it...

In my previous post last weekend, I presented my winning 'Cakeopoly' cupcakes and 'show-stopper' Magic Roundabout cake. There will be another lovely post to follow, all about the awesomeness that is 'Cakeopoly', but as I'm on the verge of opening my very exciting online cake shop for the people of Swindon (and hopefully eventually the nation!), I wanted to show you the Magic Roundabout cake properly, so here it is! Continue reading

Happy Birthday to meee!

This little blog of mine is officially 1 year old today, and how could I celebrate better than sharing cake with you all?!

Christmas is long gone and it's almost too late to start wishing people a Happy New Year by now, but we've still got box fulls of chocolates left over from Christmas. That's not to say that I don't love chocolates, because I do, and I've been devouring as many as possible every evening. However, we did get a LOT for Christmas to add to the stash we had already bought. So I've created the perfect way to get rid of them, in the tastiest, most enjoyable way possible. Continue reading

What's for dessert..? Burgers, anyone?

Our British summertime is proving to be perhaps even rainier and sun-less than usual, but what's summer without a BBQ?! No matter what the weather, these burger cakes are the answer.

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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey CAKE!

New episode of Doctor Who equals a totally epic evening. We didn't realise it was also Eurovision night... it's probably best if we just forget the latter part. So a group of us decided to have a gathering to celebrate the viewing of the season finale (we're all geeks and proud of it), and to follow the theme there had to be some epic geeky treats. With a limitless time-frame I would have loved to try my hand at a cakey Dalek or a 3D TARDIS, but here's the result of an afternoon...

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Be Mine you lovely tarts.

It was Valentine's Day a bit ago, so obviously I baked some LOVEly goodies, despite being ill with some weird cold bug. Things have been slightly crazy and eventful since then so unfortunately it's a whole new month now and Valentine's day has since been forgotten and replaced with thoughts of Easter and it's Eggy goodness. However here's my resulting Valentine's bakes...

Queen of Jam Tarts came from a recipe posted by the lovely Party Ideas UK, with zero sugar being used in the pastry - the fruity jam provides the sweetness instead.

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