A journey into the tasty world of baked goodies...

Hello :) So you've found Little Miss Cake Maker...

I'm an unusual Northerner living in Swindon and enjoy cake, and being different. So here's my website to sum that up!

Last New Year (Jan 2013) I decided to do something new, and that was the start of this blog. It's evolved a fair bit over time, but I have a crazy amount of ideas to share with the world.

If you're looking for cakes or baked goodies for any occasion, I'm always looking to push the creative boundaries, and taste is always top priority! I believe you can make something look good without ruining the flavour, and always aim to make all decorations completely edible.

Cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes or celebration cakes... Gluten-free, sugar-free, or as calorific as you like, I'll bake it!

I'm in Swindon but can travel around the South West of England, including Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Bath & Somerset.

If you want to send me an enquiry, email hello@littlemisscakemaker.com

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