Cookies Against Humanity


What could be better than Cards Against Humanity? Edible Cards Against Humanity. That's right - the card game in cookie form.

Before I go any further, I must issue a WARNING - if easily offended please do not read on!


I wish I could remember the moment that sparked my idea of creating a tasty cookie version of Cards Against Humanity, but I can't so I won't pretend to. However, my day job & full time business is running 2 online cake shops for custom-made baked goods and so pretty much everything I look at gets converted into edible baked goods in my mind.

Occasionally, I bring one of those imaginative creations to life - and as a group of friends were holding a drinks & pizza-fuelled games night, I brought these little beauties along.


On this occasion I made 12 cookie cards, but it would be 100% doable to create a fully playable set of cards/cookies. If you want a set of your own let me know - I would LOVE to make an epic scale version of these! For those of you that don't know how it works, you take turns to read out a black question card, and everyone chooses their fave answer from their white hand.

Like this:


And then the person with the black question card picks their favourite answer (usually the one that makes them chuckle the most). Like this:


Here's the next few rounds to get you started...

Round 2 -



Round 3 -



Round 4 -



You get the idea?! If you're already a Cards Against Humanity fan you know how epic this is. I'd love to hear your suggestions on what you'd like to include in your edible deck, or if you have other edible games or gifts that you wish would be made. I am all ears ;)

To order your own custom cookies or cakes - my shop is HERE and for business-related edible marketing products, Corporate Cakery is HERE

If this has made you desperate to play the real game, here's the link to CAH - UK edition as well as the 1st three expansion packs (which I can highly recommend).


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