Swindon Business Show went full steam ahead!

So the Business Show Swindon 2015 at STEAM has just been and gone - and what a show! My aim was to bring my world of branded cakes into the ideal setting of a business event - displaying some of my lovely local corporate clients as typical examples of how you can represent your business brand with cupcakes.

Firstly, I'd like to just point out that this is surely the best placement ever of a sign starting with hunger...



As I'm now in my second year of business, I've become accustomed to promoting myself at events and giving out tasty samples - but knowing how big this event was bound to be, I brought along 2 trusty helpers - and surely enough I was glad to have help on the day. I'm overwhelmed with how many fab people I met and it was lovely to see so many entries into my competition.

The lucky winner of £100 worth of branded cupcakes is Janet's Puppy Skool! To everyone else that took the time to stop by, tried some cake or entered my comp - thankyou!


I wanted to take the opportunity to feature some fellow exhibitors who I've worked closely with or had help from over the past year. So it seemed a perfect idea to make cakes to display on each of their exhibition stands as well as displaying some on my own cakey stand. The first up is Bowman House Business Centre - the location of my office in Royal Wootton Bassett, managed by the lovely Graeme Stephenson.

I'd highly recommend Bowman House as a brilliant office space, perfect for small businesses as well as larger, and also a great place to book a meeting or conference room. There are also monthly networking meetings hosted by Business Scene called Coffee & Connect, on the 2nd Friday of every month.



I think the people I have to thank the most, as I most probably would never have set up my own business without them, are Outset Swindon.

To anyone thinking of starting a business or have recently launched but in need of some help, advice or support - if you're a Swindon borough resident go straight to Outset (do not pass GO - oops wrong event!). They're a fab bunch of people and are a brilliant lifeline to me as a self-employed business owner. So thank you once again Outset Swindon.


One of my trusty assistants, Angela, writes a brilliant blog (Born Again Swindonian) as well as running her own copywriting & proofreading business AA Editorial Services. Her blog is all about the positive aspects of Swindon - she has written a handy blog post all about Outset Swindon HERE.

I'm honoured to have a 'success story' case study on the Outset Swindon website and have recently become an Outset Ambassador - helping to inspire and encourage the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Outset Swindon were filmed live at the Business Show and have their very own video clip:


Some of my branded Outset Swindon cupcakes on display at their exhibition stand:


Total Guide to Swindon have been a brilliant help with raising exposure for me in the early stages of my business. The team are a brilliant bunch and they're often seen at the best events - I'd encourage anyone to have a chat with them, and they now cover all the areas featured below as well as little old Swindon.




The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire - if you haven't seen an issue of this magazine before, go find one immediately... It's lovely, glossy, full of local business content and occasionally my cakes make an appearance too! I was honoured to be the cover star (well my cakes but they 100% represent me) last September when TBE celebrated their first anniversary - the digital issue can be seen HERE.


The phrase 'go green' couldn't possibly fit anyone better than Frankly Recruitment (even more than Kermit) - theirs was the easiest stand to spot from miles if you simply look for green. Frankly Recruitment are a fabulous bunch and clearly passionate about what they do and what their brand represents. In cake form this brand is always fun to represent - green sponge, green icing, green logo and, for this occasion, green stars too.



Last but by no means least is the extremely lovely Pear Tree Hotel at Purton. I'm very lucky to live not far at all from this amazing venue - having wined and dined there on very special occasions, as well as attending business events there too.


There are so many excuses you could find for visiting the Pear Tree at Purton - including wedding receptions, romantic weekend breaks, business seminars, or simply an amazing 3 course lunch or dinner.

The Pear Tree at Purton were recently named the Country hotel of the year by the Good Hotel Guide. This is a super prestigious award and to celebrate I made them some branded Pear Tree cupcakes, which seemed to go down a treat :)




I simply can't finish this post without saying a huge thanks to my trusty helpers/glamorous assistants Angela Atkinson and Kris Allen.

Angela is always helping me out with proofreading and if you ever need a fresh pair of eyes, you know where to go - AA Editorial Services.

The lovely Kris Allen can often be found at business networking events with me, but promoting his own software business - his main project being POTS (software designed for the healthcare servicing industry). When he's not doing that, he is the Little Miss Cake Maker web developer and is the person I have to thank for single-handedly creating my interactive online shop LittleMissCakeMaker.com.

As we forgot to get an actual team photo here we are in cake form (oops)...


I was lucky to be one of the exhibitors to have a live interview with Videoworks whilst at the Business Show. Here's my snippet from the full broadcast! -

Here is the Swindon Advertiser story: Swindon Business Show hailed a big success

And here is the Business Biscuit's story: businessbiscuit.com/news/2730-biz-show-2015

If you see any other coverage that you think should feature here, please do get in touch and let me know!

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