You 8 bit of my heart

Love is in the air as it's Valentine's Day here in the UK, so I thought I'd give you something amazing to fall in love with... Guinness Chocolate Cake.

If you like Guinness, like chocolate, and like cake... you will LOVE this!


Aside from regular cakey ingredients there are just a few special ingredients you need to grab before you give this recipe a go - soured cream, dark muscovado sugar and of course good old Guinness!


You can't go too wrong if you measure your ingredients carefully, so I always get measuring out of the way at the beginning. This recipe requires a bit more work than a standard sponge cake and some melting of ingredients is required, but it's really not as complicated as it seems.


As you can see, the amount of Guinness actually going into the cake is quite modest, but a little bit goes a long way and it certainly tastes lovely! Simply drink the remaining Guinness ;)


I thought I'd show you how the mixture changes so you don't have to panic that it starts to look a bit weird! Once you've melted this mixture down you can be assured that it will melt your heart when it comes to tasting...


The mixture smells a lot more appetising than it looks at this stage, as the sour cream, eggs, flour and raising agents result in a bubbly, gooey mess. Stick with it though - get it into a nice big cake tin and let the oven do it's magic!


The cake should then look lovely and dark (but not burnt!) and if you insert a skewer into the cake it should come out not covered in gooey stuff. So simply leave it to cool down for an hour or so - and move onto preparing your icing!


I felt like being particularly experimental and have had this Lotus Biscoff spread in the cupboard for a short while. It does taste yummy straight from the jar and is very much like the biscuits themselves but with the texture of peanut butter. I've been dying to use it in some baking and haven't found the right excuse until now! I simply added a tablespoon of the spread to my normal buttercream mixture.


Without necessarily meaning to I also made 'fifty shades of grey' icing! That was really just coincidental timing with the film just being released, but if you're a fan you can take this as inspiration! I intended to make a black buttercream but the key with colouring icing is to add the colour very gradually so it mixes nicely.

Geek 8bit Heart cake Design

I'd planned the design out in advance as the 8 bit heart seemed the perfect design for a cake for a manly geek, who was the lucky recipient of this. It can be adapted of course to any design you like, as this recipe would make a lovely Father's Day cake.

Making pixels out of fondant icing was rather fun, and it's an extremely versatile idea as any fan of Minecraft will know, you can make ANYTHING out of pixels! And edible pixels are surely a thing that anyone would love...

Guinness 8bit heart CakeDecorated

When the cake is fully cooled it needs levelling off so the top is completely flat. Then get plastering the buttercream onto the cake. It's perfectly acceptable to make a mess at this stage, as you will discover it is a very tasty mess! When the cake is covered just smooth it down as much as you like and then get mosaic-ey with your edible pixels!

Guinness 8 bit Heart Cake

Guinness Chocolate Cake Recipe

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