An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Apple crumble is one of those lovely, comforting, warming desserts - perfect for a cold, wintery night. As I write this, I'm looking out at a snow-covered Swindon, and it's not often Swindon seems to see snow! (originating from Bolton, Lancashire I'm always in awe of how mild the weather down here is!) So it seems only right to share with you my tried and tested recipe for the lovely apple crumble - you'll feel warm and fuzzy in no time!


The collection of ingredients you'll need is lovely and modest - most of the ingredients can always be found in my kitchen cupboards (minus the apples of course). So don't forget to buy some apples. I'd love to say which type of apple are best suited, but my talents do not stretch to apple-picking and the recipe I followed simply said 'apples'. So I chose some green ones.


One of the most important things generally in baking is weighing out your ingredients fairly accurately. I swear by my little digital scales although keep a traditional non-digital version in the cupboard too (came in handy at Christmas when my scales decided to quit on me).

The great thing about a dessert like this is that it won't be disastrous if you're not completely accurate with your ingredients, compared to a delicate cake or crazily temperamental french macarons (don't ask - Christmas gift experiment gone wrong...).


This is the bit you might love or hate - I'm not a fan of getting my hands into mixtures which is just one of the reasons I do love cake so much. Using your hands, you rub the butter into the sugar and flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. This recipe isn't too messy as it's a fairly dry mix for the yummy crumble, but I'd advise a big-ish bowl!


Chopping apples is not something I do regularly, but you can be quite flexible with this recipe and cut the apples into chunks that you're happy with. Just make sure you've peeled them well and taken all those annoying seeds out - we don't want those in our crumble!


Keeping the crumble mixture firmly out of the way for now, mix some more sugar, flour and cinnamon into the chopped apples until they're all combined. Don't mush them up though.


So you have 2 bowls, one containing the crumble mix and one with the apple filling - easy peasy! Now you just grease up a dish (this one was approx 9" square) and spoon the filling in, then sprinkle the crumble on top. Get in into the oven and then let your nostrils enjoy the smell as it nears it's readiness.


Just under an hour later you can dish it up and serve with your choice of accompaniment - we chose custard but you could have ice cream, fresh cream, that squirty cream in an aerosol... be creative but most importantly, enjoy!

Recipe for Apple Crumble

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