Have a Cakey Christmas!

Last Christmas I hadn't yet started running my own business and LittleMissCakeMaker.com was simply my hobby blog about baking. As part of this journey I discovered that cakes are definitely my area of expertise and pastry is not so much (hence the name). But of course, you can't celebrate Christmas without Mince Pies, right? Wrong! Mince Pie Cupcakes were born, out of the ashes of my pathetic pastry crumbs.

Making Mince pie Cupcakes

I adapted my very lovely simple cupcake recipe and added a touch of Allspice (NOT mixed spice!), spooning half the mixture into the cupcake cases. Then simply add a teaspoon of mincemeat and fill the cases with the remaining cake mixture. Much easier than making pastry (for me at least)!

Mince Pie Cupcakes Baked

Last year I threw on some very simple decorations but this year I'm a pro cake maker and so came up with my own designs to become part of my Christmas collection, available on my online shop. Pinterest is a brilliant inspiration tool and I highly recommend this as a starting point for working out a theme - just what we did before Pinterest I don't know!

Santa Cake Decs Method

My method for making the cake toppers was simply to roll out various colours of ready to roll fondant icing and make the appropriate shapes. I do a lot of the crafting by hand as I enjoy sculpting and hand-crafting, rather than always relying on fancy equipment.

Santa Cupcake Decs

I love making iconic and bold designs in a minimalist way and the Santa legs are a great example - very simple shapes but the final result is so cool (mini marshmallow snow helps of course)!

Christmas Pressie Method

Making edible Christmas present toppers is also a fairly simple process - turning a ball of ready to roll fondant into a cube by patting it by hand and then rolling thin sausages into 'ribbon' and adding a cut-out star.

Santa Cupcake


Xmas Present Cupcake

So have yourself a very cakey Christmas!

I would love to see your results if you give these a go! And if you need extra help, I've put together a 'Bake at Home' cupcake kit which is available to order through my website here: http://www.littlemisscakemaker.com/custom-cupcake-kit

Christmas Cupcakes

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