To boldly go where no cake maker has gone before...

I certainly did that last weekend - Chippenham Sci-Fi Day happened and it was more amazing than I'd even anticipated! The event had been in my diary for a long while, back when I'd only just set up my online shop and started my cake business full time towards the end of February. The year has flown by since then, I'm still in disbelief that it's November already!

I'm a proper sci-fi geek in general and have attended sci-fi conventions in the past as a fan/general public before but never as a trader. So of course, I set up my stand at Chippenham Sci-Fi and sold my cakey goods dressed as the Tardis.


My big businessey mission was to test out a brand new range of sci-fi cake topper designs on the perfect local audience, so I spent the week before the event designing and making prototype toppers to add to my already popular existing designs. Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Red Dwarf became the new focus, although I had endless amounts of ideas and could have spent a lifetime designing to my heart's content. In total I chose around 25 designs, and as expected the most popular were the existing Doctor Who and Comic Book Superhero toppers.

It's so much fun experimenting with designs and seeing people's reactions to the cakes, and although there were a few that didn't prove as popular, there was at least someone that genuinely loved each and every cupcake design. My favourite moment (which we didn't catch on camera) was a life-size Dalek asking me if I had any Dalek cakes. At that point I'd already sold out of them, and the Dalek replied with 'Daleks are the superior race'. So surreal, and so much fun :D

SciFi CakesI'm slightly gutted that I didn't really get a chance to photograph all the cakes properly as it was so unbelievably busy, but I plan to make some more and show them off better online in the foreseeable future. Being surrounded by so many people loving my cupcakes was hardly a failure, so as long as I can remember how to turn my sketches back into sugary toppers it's all good - and besides I have a gazillion more toppers still to create and show the world!

SimonFisherBecker ChippenhamSciFiHere are a few snaps I did get with the celebs and cosplayers that day! First up is Simon Fisher-Becker who is recently well known for appearing as an extremely blue monster in the new series 6 of Doctor Who.

Star Wars CupcakesHere we have Darth Vader and a Jedi enjoying cupcakes. Given the choice, Jedi chose the lightsabers and Darth Vader chose the Death Star (of course).

Darth Vader Death Star Cake

StormTrooper CakesAlso big fans were the TIE Pilot & Storm Trooper - and my marshmallow storm trooper toppers pictured here were a total sellout success. I plan to include these in a new Star Wars themed 'bake at home' cupcake kit so keep an eye on the shop!

StormTrooper Cakes

Nick Joseph Star Wars CakesNext up is Nick Joseph who was lovely - he starred in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as well as Doctor Who episodes and James Bond films.

Darth Maul Star Wars Cupcakes

Jon Davey Doctor Who CakesOne of the biggest highlights was venturing upstairs and discovering Jon Davey there! He bought a cyberman cake and also posed for these amazing pictures. You just can't get better than a real life cyberman eating my very own cyberman cupcake. Epic.

Jon Davey Cyberman Cupcake

Jon Davey Cyberman Cupcake

Chris BarrieChippenhamSciFi Red Dwarf CakesSo my other mission of the day, knowing Chris Barrie would be there and of course many Red Dwarf fans (such a great show!!), was to get a picture of Chris with my Red Dwarf cupcakes. Mission accomplished - and what a great guy!

ChrisBarrie ChippenhamSciFiDayAnd after a crazily busy and amazingly fun day, what better way to end than on The Simpsons sofa with a Duff beer - cheers!

Simpsons Chippenham SciFi

So here's to next year's Chippenham Sci Fi event (please make it happen). A huge thankyou to Martin & Ant who made the event happen and the massive success it was! Follow the event on facebook here: or on twitter here: and find loads more brilliant pictures and updates from the event.

Here are some links to more pictures taken by the local newspaper:

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