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Chocolate brownies are one of those amazing things in life. In my years of baking, for no explainable reason I realised I'd never actually baked chocolate brownies for myself. I've eaten them many times, and very much enjoyed them - but I suppose I've just never found an excuse to bake them. Luckily for me, now I bake for paying customers as well as friends and family, I had a perfect reason to make them - and of course before the customer got them, I had to trial a new recipe and taste them for myself!

Choc Brownie Method

As the recipe was for 'triple chocolate brownies' I wanted to test out a variety of chocolate and see how it turned out. I figure the more chocolate the better! It's a pretty basic set of ingredients as it's what you would tend to include in any classic sponge cake (my specialty!). The trickiest bit I found was melting all that chocolate in the bowl over a pan of boiling water and resisting the temptation to eat it.

Chocolate Brownie Method

It makes perfect sense why chocolate brownies taste so good once you've seen the ingredients that (should) go into it. Chocolate, more chocolate, sugar, butter, more chocolate... mmm.

Chocolate Brownie Baked

As well as the amazing taste, the great thing about chocolate brownies is that you can make them to your taste, mixing and changing bits of ingredients. The original recipe I followed included some nuts but I wanted them purely chocolatey so I simply added more chocolate instead of the nuts - but you could do the opposite and add fruit and bits of your favourite chocolate bars and snacks.

Triple Chocolate Brownies in Portions

The chocolate brownie can also be cut up into pieces of whatever shape or size you like, and while it simply isn't as pretty as a cupcake, you can still do a bit of decorating! In this case I covered them in edible logos for a local organisation who do brilliant things for local small businesses - Wiltshire Business Support Service. The brownies went down very well at their events!

Choc Brownies Wilts Biz

Recipe for Triple Chocolate Brownies

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