Wake up and smell the sunflowers!

Sometimes in England you have to bring your own sunshine to the party - and I find these Oreo Sunflowers seem to do just the trick! I made these cupcakes a few years ago after a friend found a similar image online and challenged me to make my own version. I'd forgot all about them until earlier this year and I'm not sure what prompted me to remember them - possibly the longing for sunshine after a pretty grim and wet winter here...

Cupcake Mix Method

So to begin with I made my standard chocolate cupcake recipe, and I find my favourite colours to encase them in are brown or green (I've done both recently).


Then there's the time consuming process of hand-stamping out all the little petals and leaves using rolled out fondant icing. It kind've looks like sunshiney rain drops though so it's not all bad.

With petals prepared comes the fun bit - sticking it all together to turn cakes into flowers!

Oreo Sunflower Cake Method

I made a batch of royal icing which is perfect for this design, as when it dries it gets nice and solid - so it makes a great edible glue. I've tried the glueing process a few different ways now and in the picture I've used a piping bag with a small nozzle, but you could use a small paintbrush instead (one that is for cake decorating use only, no paint!!) or even a small spoon.

Basically you just need to put a small amount of the royal icing onto each petal and then press it onto the cake. It's sticky and gloopy at first but once it dries you won't be able to move the decorations so position them well at the beginning.

Oreo Sunflower Method2

With all your petals glued on, spread some icing onto an Oreo or chocolate biscuit and pop it on top to form the middle of your sunflower cupcake. Then place another circle of yellow petals on top of the biscuit to finish it off.

Oreo Sunflowers Finished

I've made it super easy for anyone to recreate these by doing the hard work for you - I've made all the petals and decorations along with a perfectly measured bag of cupcake ingredients - theĀ Bake at Home kits are available here! With no equipment or hassle you can make your own Oreo Sunflower cupcakes :)

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