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I've been meaning to invite a guest blogger to have a slot on here for a while now, and you couldn't get any better than Swindon's very own blogger Born Again Swindonian (AKA Angela Atkinson). With my new 'Bake at Home' kits I thought it only right to have a lovely customer tell you their experience of them, and give everyone an honest review, so that's what Angela has done - it's a bit delayed but here's her Easter Baking kit blog post for you all!

 Little Miss Cake Maker baking kit: a review by Angela Atkinson

"Easter 2014 saw a gathering of the Atkinson/Chugh/Miller/Neilsen/ Sadaine clan. Incorporated into this gathering was 4 year old Bosco and 18 month old Freya – my great-nephew and great-niece. Ah ha! I thought. Here is an opportunity to try out one of Little Miss Cake Maker’s baking kits with the children to see how they work. It being Easter and thinking of the children I purchased the one with the Easter chick fondant toppers.

Easter baking kit pic3

The kits contain all the dry goods you need to make the buns (yes I know everyone calls them cupcakes these days but I’m northern and a traditionalist so it’s buns – okay?) with the exception of icing sugar for the buttercream. So all you need to add to that is eggs and butter. The kit includes all instructions on a lovely laminated card so no need to worry about sticky fingers getting hold of it as it’s easily wipeable.

Baking kit with kids at Easter 1

While I was weighing out the butter I set Bosco to the task of putting the bun cases (provided in the kit) into a muffin tray. As fast as he was doing that, Freya was taking them out again. Such fun! Anyway, all ingredients ready it was sleeves rolled up and pinnies on. And that was just me. Bosco had a great time sieving the flour into the mixing bowl – we showed him how to tap the sides of the sieve to get the flour through. They then each had a go at beating and stirring the mixture and spooning it into the bun cases. It’s such a long time since I baked I’d forgotten how good it is to lick out the bowl and the spoon.

Baking kit with kids at Easter 2

Baking kit with kids at Easter 3

The mixture all came together very well and half-filled (approximately) the 12 bun cases. So while they were in the oven I made the buttercream up. Now a couple of comments about this: the amount of butter and icing sugar is what you’d require if you were piping buttercream onto the buns. However these buns are going to have toppers on them so no way do you need that amount of buttercream. I halved the quantities and still had too much for that purpose. In fact I’d go further and suggest that for this purpose – that of making the toppers stick to the top of the buns – buttercream is probably not the best thing. I’d suggest glace icing, simply made from icing sugar and water. But that’s a matter of personal choice of course.

Easter baking kit pic2

Anyway, that aside, I would judge the kit a great success. Certainly if you are not confident with baking they are a perfect introduction. The flavour of the buns was lovely and a good time was had by all. Clearly by the time Bosco had finished squishing the Easter chick toppers on to the top of the buns they didn’t look quite as professional as Little Miss Cake Maker does them but hey."

Easter baking kit pic1


There are so many exciting developments happening right now with the Bake at Home kits - I have an endless list of themes to make and I'm also offering them as fully customisable products so you can literally create your own cakes and let Little Miss Cake Maker do all the hard work :)

To see the full range in the shop you can find them here!

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