Have a pizza cake!

When I get awesome requests to make cakes that look like pizza, it completely reassures me that quitting my day job was the right thing to do. Along with the burger cakes, this has been my favourite cake to bring to life - I haven't had an excuse to do this before but did get close with my flapjack pizza...

Pizza Cake Method

So the tricky part to begin with was figuring out exactly how to make the cake look like pizza, bearing in mind the flavour requests... Chocolate sponge with chocolate spread - so the immediate issue was making sure the cake would be well and truly disguised and completely covered. On the plus side, this cake was going to be tasty - and I have always believed that no matter how nice a cake looks, it HAS to taste nice - otherwise you may as well make it out of play-doh!

Pizza Cake Method

I figured that if I could sculpt the sponge to resemble the pizza shape, this would prevent me ruining the taste with too much extra decoration layerage - fondant icing can make anything look real pretty but I feel there's a limit to how much you want to eat when you have a slice of cake. There's got to be a balance - I have a sweet tooth but I'm still careful with how much sugaryness is added. It's important to remember that this order was requested as a chocolate cake, so it needed to still taste like chocolate!

My new favourite thing is my fondant icing that I now stock (and use) from Bakers Toolkit. It is just the tastiest fondant icing I've ever found, and has a great texture. I've got a variety of colours that are useful to have pre-coloured, such as dark blue, black, red and yellow. You can see my selection here as you can buy them from my online shop now and they are really good prices :)

Pizza Cake Base

To make the pizza base I used a mixture of white, red and yellow fondant icing until the colour seemed dough-ey enough! Then I simply rolled it out and covered the cake, trying to emphasise bumps and edges.

Pizza Cake Sauce

For the pizza sauce I made a batch of royal icing, and then added some red and brown food colouring paste until I got a deep enough red to resemble tomatoey sauce. For the cheese I coloured some pale yellow fondant icing and chilled it in the fridge for a little while - then grated it up - so much fun!

Pizza Cake Method

The pepperoni was a real challenge, as I wanted to avoid using too much more fondant. I liked the idea of using fruit roll-ups as they have the perfect colour and texture for pepperoni, but annoyingly they only come in thin strips (I have a feeling America has much wider varieties) so this involved a bit of crafting and shaping together.

Pizza Cake

And of course what pizza cake is complete without a pizza box? It would just be plain silly to put it in a cake box, don't you think..?

Pizza Cake

And to tie this post up with a weird little ribbon, it's particularly cool for me to present this cake to you all, the reason being that my first eeever job was phone girl at Domino's Pizza while I was studying at uni. It's funny where life takes you huh!

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