Baking Bad...

If you haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, this cupcake theme probably means nothing to you - but if you're a fan, just try and contain your excitement.

I've had the idea of Breaking Bad themed cupcakes since becoming engrossed in the show before it finished last year. When I get a theme in my head I love finding an excuse to bring it to life - so when I have a lightbulb moment and figure out the best way to bring the design to life whilst making it as tasty as possible, it's only a matter of time before I just go ahead and do it!

The moment I knew I had to do it was when I realised I had this on my shelf:

Neon Sugar Sprinkles

Edible neon sugar - in particular BLUE edible sugar crystals - well I just had to get cooking!  

Cupcake Ingredients

I whipped up a batch of my chocolate cupcakes and buttercream and got to work on hand-making the little logo decorations...

Breaking Bad Cake Decorations

I mixed up some fondant icing using a mixture of green and blue food colouring until the colour seemed about right for the infamous logo symbols. Then the lettering was carefully piped with royal icing and a very small piping nozzle. Then I decided to play with my new favourite thing - my EDIBLE printer! And that doesn't mean that you nibble on the actual device, obviously. It prints edible ink onto icing sheets to create custom cake toppers. I've been having lots of fun with this, and it gives me a heap more freedom to be creative with cakes!

Breaking Bad Cupcakes Method

So after printing the legendary Heisenberg onto icing it was simply a case of plopping the decorations onto the cupcakes.

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

I hope you've enjoyed seeing me bring my experiment to life - and the result was exactly what had been pictured in my head all along (yay!). I really want to make these for customers and fellow fans, but for now I made an experimental batch to share with you here! I might even adapt this into a baking kit so if you don't have the equipment or patience to do this yourself, you could still give them a go and get similar results :)

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