Say it with sprinkles...

Since I began my venture to bring the Little Miss Cake Maker shop to life, I've been looking, searching, trawling around for the best suppliers for various things. One of these things was of course sprinkles. Such a teeny weeny thing that makes a cupcake that little bit more awesome.

LMCM rainbow sprinkles cakes

With every item on the shop I'm looking to use the best quality ingredients and supplies, and above all I want to be able to offer long term consistency (as well as creativity and yummyness). It's also important that the ingredients I use are as natural as possible, so chemicals and additives are avoided where possible.

However, sprinkles (which I can't deny are very important) seemed to be extremely difficult to find. Chocolate sprinkles are no problem, and sprinkles in random quirky shapes seem to be available in abundance, but simple rainbow sprinkles (sugar strands) - without the crazily artificial colourings and hugely processed ingredients - were just nowhere to be found. So, I made my own - and I am SO glad I did because they are just amazing!

Homemade Sprinkles Method

I recently came across an amazing blog post with a step by step guide on making homemade sprinkles. Seeing how simple the recipe was, combined with the difficulty I was having finding a great supplier, I had to give it a go!

Without the colouring, it's literally 3 ingredients - incredible! After making do with shop-bought sprinkles all these years it's hard to imagine them being made with such a simple recipe. Icing sugar, egg white and vanilla extract - a much simpler combination than Dr. Oetker's ingredients list: Sugar Modified Maize Starch,Vegetable Oil (Palm) ,Glucose Syrup ,Concentrates: Spirulina, Lemon, Safflower ,Anti-Caking Agent: Talc ,Colours: Carmines, Copper Complexes of Chlorophyllins.

The great thing about splitting the mixture into loads of different bowls was getting to taste the mixture - I promise that you won't have tasted sprinkles as nice as these, they were SO scrummy! My favourite flavour is vanilla without a doubt, but it would be just as easy to flavour these with strawberry, mint, and a host of other options (I have some exciting plans for these!).

Sprinkles Piped

I split the mixture up into small batches and used a range of food colouring pastes to make 6 different colours. Then you simply spoon into a piping bag and pipe steady lines on a sheet of baking paper. As they had to dry overnight to harden, I taped the baking paper onto baking trays and chopping boards (creative huh!) so they could be moved out of the way to dry safely.

Sprinkles in 6 colours

The following day, I got to smash 'em up with a palette knife - carefully of course! It's a pretty fun process seeing sprinkles transformed before your eyes, and such a straight-forward process. I love it!

LMcakemaker Sprinkles

I really couldn't decide what combinations to make from there, as there are so many variations possible - so I decided to combine a few of them to fill up my unicorn shaker (as you do) and split the rest up seperately so they can be used individually or as any mixed combination (probably rainbow as that was what I was looking for in the first place!).

LMcakemaker Handmade Sprinkles

Look out for these on the shop as they're going to be available as a decoration to buy as part of a cake order, part of the baking kits - and even on their own. And if you give these a go yourself, it would be lovely to see your pictures and hear how it went! :)

Homemade Sprinkles RECIPE

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