Swindon, here's a cake with your name on it...

In my previous post last weekend, I presented my winning 'Cakeopoly' cupcakes and 'show-stopper' Magic Roundabout cake. There will be another lovely post to follow, all about the awesomeness that is 'Cakeopoly', but as I'm on the verge of opening my very exciting online cake shop for the people of Swindon (and hopefully eventually the nation!), I wanted to show you the Magic Roundabout cake properly, so here it is!

MagicRoundabout Method

I wanted to keep it simple yet tasty so decided on the classic victoria sponge. It was supposed to be a chocolate sponge but as the first attempt was not quite a perfect bake and it was my first time being judged in a competition, I did a second batch with the vanilla sponge as it's easier to see the colour and determine if it's perfectly baked or not. I certainly didn't want to take any chances and I'm normally a bit of a perfectionist, so this time I was an extreme perfectionist!

To make it a little bit more special and interesting than a traditional victoria sponge, as well as make up for the lack of chocolate in the sponge, I melted down some chocolate to sandwich together the layers, along with delicious vanilla buttercream.

magic roundabout cake decorations

Making the magic roundabout cake

I'd had the idea of making the Magic Roundabout into cake for a little while, but just never had a real excuse to make it a reality. While I knew the full impact wouldn't be made at the Faringdon Bake-Off, it seemed like the perfect excuse to finally make it as I knew I'd be presenting it to the general public and taking some pictures outside of my kitchen for a change!

Swindon cake decorations

Being in super-perfectionist mode, I made extra decorations in case any weren't perfect (of course!) - ignore the dice as they were for cakeopoly obviously... multi-tasking was a skill successfully developed that week.

Until I drew out the design onto paper, I had no idea how I'd actually make the iconic magic roundabout look impressive as a cake. Once planned out, it wasn't very complicated at all! A mixture of icings, cutting shapes and hand-painting details resulted in exactly what I'd imagined in my head, and that really doesn't happen that often (I have a slightly crazy mind)!

Swindon Magic Roundabout cake

So as mentioned, I am super excited to announce that this website of mine is going to evolve very soon into an amazingly fun online shop, where you can order customised cupcakes and sponge cakes. The blog will still remain an important part of the website of course. For now, if you'd like to enquire just pop me an email to hello@littlemisscakemaker.com and I'll be very happy to hear from you!

Victoria Sponge Recipe

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