Holy Jesus, I've had an Epiphany!

This week I was involved in some Epiphany celebrations. While our celebrations may not have been religiously led, we learnt a fair bit about it through the format of quiz. My contribution of course, was to provide cake! Luckily that was more successful than my quiz results.

To be truthful, it was a busy week for me and I hadn't got a clue what an Epiphany cake even resembled. With the help of Google I found a simple enough recipe which I whipped up literally half an hour before the party. Shared between 8 people, it didn't last long at all!

Epiphany Cake Method

After proving at Christmas that my strengths definitely lie with cake making rather than pastry, I used this recipe with shop-bought puff pastry, in the hope that it would turn out perfectly first try (as it was going to be my only try)! With the shortcut on the pastry making, it's a pretty straight forward recipe as you simply split the pastry into 2, roll out and line the tin, and mix together the filling. I love recipes that only contain a handful of different ingredients, simple yet tasty, and I reckon this is my newest great revelation (I'm having my own Epiphany!!).

The tradition with this Epiphany cake of course is to hide a tiny figure in there so that one lucky person finds it in their slice. As I love my cakes to be fully edible and not a choking hazard, I opted to stick a glace cherry in there. Mmm. It seemed like the perfect edible treat to combine with this almondy mixture.

Epiphany Cake

I do find it a bit weird that this is called Epiphany Cake (or galette des rois if you want to be fancy) but I would call it a pie. Cake shouldn't be made out of pastry... and it properly looks like pie, right?! Anyway, moving on from that, I tried to jazz it up as much as I could for the occasion by cutting the top with 2014, as we're now obviously in the wonderful year of 2014. A leaf pattern on top is traditional, but if you've seen enough of my work you'll probably realise I don't generally follow tradition!

Now I've made this successfully and it went down so well, I'd definitely bake it for other occasions as you can mark anything on top ("Happy Friday" why not?!) and make any day a bit more special with this simple but yummy pie/cake/thing.

Epiphany Cake 2014

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