Happy Birthday to meee!

This little blog of mine is officially 1 year old today, and how could I celebrate better than sharing cake with you all?!

Christmas is long gone and it's almost too late to start wishing people a Happy New Year by now, but we've still got box fulls of chocolates left over from Christmas. That's not to say that I don't love chocolates, because I do, and I've been devouring as many as possible every evening. However, we did get a LOT for Christmas to add to the stash we had already bought. So I've created the perfect way to get rid of them, in the tastiest, most enjoyable way possible.

Leftover Chocs Cake

Make a simple sponge mixture - I went for a straight forward victoria sponge using my trusty old recipe (I'll share that soon as I keep forgetting to post it!). Then you simply choose a good selection of choccies that you know you enjoy the taste of (I'm not a fan of coffee flavoured chocs), and melt them down gently in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. It takes a good few minutes but it's worth the wait, and keep stirring to result in a lovely gooey mixture.

I left it to cool for a little bit and then poured it over the first sponge cake, which would be the bottom layer. Then, select some more choccies (these ones can be the crunchier ones to add some biscuity and nomworthy texture).

Leftover Chocs Cake

Chop these chocolates up into little chunks and scatter over your melted chocolatey cake layer. Try and resist eating them all before the cake is done (like I said, this is THE best way to get rid of leftover chocs - it's irresistable!). Then you simply position the other sponge cake on top, add a bit more of the melted chocolate goo and plop on a few more chocolates for decoration.

Leftover Choccies Cake

Happy Birthday to meee, Little Miss Cake Maker - and I hope you enjoy these celebrations as much as I did! :)

Victoria Sponge Recipe

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