Twas the Day of the Doctor, and there was cake...

What better way to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary than with some wibbly wobbly timey wimey nomworthy cakes?!


So the first step of figuring out these epic cakes was to decide what flavour sponge to make. My favourite is good old vanilla, but chocolate is always popular too. I finally decided, if there can be 11 (or 13 even..!) Doctors, there can't be anything wrong with making 2 batches of cakes!


After more deliberation, I couldn't decide on just one cake design either. So I chose to do 3! I can't say I didn't crazily enjoy making little mini Tardis' and minimalistic sugar Daleks, because I totally did...

Doctor Who decorations

adipose cake

Adipose need to appear in another episode (if Steven Moffat happens to be reading??!), but for now I've regenerated them in marshmallow format.

Tardis Buttercream

After making this Tardis-coloured buttercream I really need to buy some new blue colouring - it seemed to take forever to get the right kind of blue. It's totally worth the effort though, sky blue can find it's own cakes - it's not welcome here!

Doctor Who Cupcakes


Doctor Who cupcakes


  1. Emma

    Just been having a quick look at your blog after you commented on mine - you sound just like me... I'm never happy making just one cupcake flavour... and why make one decoration to go on top when you can make 3?! They look perfect!

  2. Jamie

    How did you get those beautiful striations on the cupcakes? Doesn't look like you used the typical cupcake tip. Also, what colors did you mix to get that shade of blue for the icing?

    1. Samantha Post author

      Thanks for the lovely comments! I used a much smaller piping nozzle (PME 44), and squires kitchen blue food colour paste - it took a lot of blue to get TARDIS colour though! :)

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