You wanna pizza this...

Such a small collection of ingredients, yet they produce amazingly tasty results. However, I found myself wondering how to make flapjack more 'interesting'...

Flapjack Ingredients

You see, flapjack is such a yummy, tasty treat but when you look at it, it really doesn't look 'that' appealing. It's deceptively boring, but when baked nicely it's a simple tasty pleasure. I always use a simple recipe that's never gone wrong (and if it's not broken don't fix it!) which will be linked to here soon.

Flapjack Method

After contemplating the general creative things could be done with a basic flapjack shape, I moved on from simple pacman shapes to a more adventurous train of thought. I've already done burger cakes in varying sizes (miniatures and monsters), so why not a flapjack pizza? After genuinely not finding any google results, I wondered if it was an ingenious idea, or simply one that would never work. Regardless, I gave it a try!

Making Flapjack Pizza

The images above show you the process, and this was all in the first attempt. The hurdle I did fall at was the 'pizza sauce' as the melted white chocolate refused to go any darker than the odd pink you might glimpse next to the Strawberry jam that I went with instead. That was a shame as I think chocolate would have been a nice tasty addition, but the jam seemed to work okay! My favourite bit of the process was probably grating cheesey coloured icing. I love cheese AND icing so it was a bit of a surreal moment creating sugary cheese.

Flapjack Pizza

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