Pop goes the candy corn...

After recently spending time in the sunny state of California, I returned home to the South West of England with bags full of american candy. Thanks to demanding work-mates and the upcoming Halloween, I discovered the wonder of candy corn. They're addictive and yummy in a crazy, sugary, artificial kind of way, and I just had to make a cake version of it.

CandyCorn Cupcake Sponge

I wanted to make a cake that would taste good as well as embrace the style of the iconic candy corn. So I kept it pretty simple, splitting my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe's mixture into 2 bowls, and adding yellow and red food colourings to produce yellow and orange sponge. Simply scoop the yellow mixture into cupcake cases first, filling them half-way, and then scoop the orange mixture on top of those. The effect can't be fully seen until you bite into the cake, but that's the fun bit anyway!

CandyCorn Cupcake Recipe

As candy corn are 'honey flavor' and veryy sweet, I thought I'd try and make a simple but amazing honey buttercream. I opted for a very simple standard buttercream with the addition of honey. The tricky bit to be honest was working out how much of everything to include, but it's basically icing sugar, butter and honey! I did make my own piping bags though - it's so useful to know how to do that!

Candy Corn Cupcakes

And because I made 2 batches of sponge mixture, this made 24 cupcakes! They weren't around for long...

Candy Corn Cupcakes Inside

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