Say cheese!

The 4th issue of the lovely magazine 'Sweet' came out recently, and the front cover prompted quite a bit of drooling from my work-mates.

Sweet Cheesecake

After a strong negotiation (if you bake it, we'll eat it...) I decided it had to be recreated.

This is a cheesecake containing pretty much EVERYTHING naughty but nice.

Cheesecake Making

On a day to day basis, I'd choose to bake (and eat) a sponge cake; this is a proper indulgence in time and taste! I love baking simple sponge cakes because with a good old recipe you get magical results, and the work is all done in the oven. This cake involves SO many different steps, and a great deal of patience. Read the full recipe here soon!


The scariest bit I found during this whole process was taking the cake tin away. I was convinced it was going to collapse and smoosh apart after seeing the gloopy mixture I'd put into the oven! I was determined not to ruin it by rushing it so left it in the fridge for a good 8 hours (yep a whooole day!) to cool before taking the tin away. It was clear that my tin was too big too as it turned out wayyy squatter than the picture we were drooling over...

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

I discovered on this day that caramel is rather hard to cook! I wussed out totally on my first attempt after nearly ruining a pan and realised how scary boiled sugar can get. At this point I'd spent a stupid amount of hours making and waiting for this cake and didn't want to mess it up at the nearly last hurdle - so Carnation tinned caramel saved the cheesecakey day. Chocolate ganache, however, I find no problem at all - and this cake calls for top quality chocolate.

Sweet Choc Caramel CheesecakeI can't finish this without mentioning the lovely Linda Lomelino who is the original source of this scrummy recipe!


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