The NEW way the cookie crumbles...

You may have seen cookie monster cupcakes around generally, and I love them (amazing version can be seen at Bird on a Cake). However, I wanted to make my own but take the concept further. I wanted to make cupcakes that TASTE like cookies...

Cookie Cupcakes

The cupcake recipe is my favourite basic vanilla sponge, but the secret is in the 'frosting'. While it looks similar to buttercream, it's got a few extra ingredients and is truly magical. I did a fair amount of research hunting for the right kind of cookie flavoured icing to make, and had to translate it from american (cups are NOT a useful measuring tool, I won't say it again...). To save you the pain, here's the recipe for cookie dough icing!

Cookie Cupcakes

RECIPE: cookie dough icingĀ 

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