Fire up the barbie, it's time for CAKE!

England has actually got some sun, and it's been here for more than a week! This has resulted in being inundated with BBQ invites, and my traditional favourite burger cakes sprung to mind. This time however, I wanted to try something different. A monster sized burger cake.

Burger Bun Cake

The burger bun was a no-brainer... Victoria sandwich is a tasty classic but what better way to spruce it up than turn it into a burger bun?!

Burger Brownie

The miniature burgers are usually choc cinnamon biscuits, but there was no way that was going to up-size. After much deliberation it occurred to me that brownies are chocolatey and massive, and after a quick experiment (I'd never actually made a brownie before), it resulted in the perfect looking burger! At this point I was pretty confident that giant Burger Cake was actually going to be a success!

Burger Cake Method

The salad and cheese is simply a larger version of my usual decorations, coloured and rolled sugarpaste, glued on with buttercream. It's actually much easier on such a large scale! Even the sesame seeds were easier to pipe larger with buttercream (usually need royal icing for the teensy ones).

Burger Cake

So there it is, piece of cake! And I guess it's even vegetarian-friendly...


  1. Born again Swindonian

    Having been privileged to sample this cake I can vouch for its deliciousness! It was ginormous too. Yummy, scrummy tucks.

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