What's for dessert..? Burgers, anyone?

Our British summertime is proving to be perhaps even rainier and sun-less than usual, but what's summer without a BBQ?! No matter what the weather, these burger cakes are the answer.

burger bun cakes

They're not as complicated as they seem - a standard cake recipe and greased-up muffin tin gives you perfect buns, and some sugarpaste, colouring and shape-cutting creates any burger and salad toppings you like!

Burger biscuits

The burgers couldn't be easier - a simple chocolate biscuit recipe and circle cookie cutter is all you really need. Then when it's all cooled down (easier if there's no scorching sun!) just 'glue' it all together using royal icing!

Next time you're stuck indoors watching the rain pour down, think about creating your own bit of summer; get everyone around and eat cake!

burger cakes finished