So long, and thanks for all the cake...

A much-loved colleague recently left for pastures new, and it seemed only right to make her an epic cake for her final day in the office. After all, she was one of our best contributors to the office 'monthly bake-off'.

If something sad is happening, cake can often cheer things up, and it seemed to do the trick this time...

I remembered being shown an amazing pinata cake on the lovely blog A Subtle Revelry ( and on this Thursday evening, set myself the challenge to make my own version.

Pinata Cake

I can honestly say I'd never baked a cake in a bowl before, but that's forever changed - it's amazing! The hardest bit by far was getting the cake OUT of the bowl. After all, the rounded top was the important shapey bit. Be sure to grease that bowl up with butter!

Carving the cake is always fun I find - but you really can't be too scared and afraid to get in there and dig out a good bowl's worth - the more you dig out, the more space for sweets! Just obviously leave a decent enough cake shell, and you should get a yummy ratio of cake + buttercream glue + sweets!

pinata cake finished

pinata cake open



  1. Angela

    As I was reading the post, I thought to myself, hmmmm that could bea b£gger to get out of the bowl. But you did it. Well done. That's a really fun cake.

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