Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey CAKE!

New episode of Doctor Who equals a totally epic evening. We didn't realise it was also Eurovision night... it's probably best if we just forget the latter part. So a group of us decided to have a gathering to celebrate the viewing of the season finale (we're all geeks and proud of it), and to follow the theme there had to be some epic geeky treats. With a limitless time-frame I would have loved to try my hand at a cakey Dalek or a 3D TARDIS, but here's the result of an afternoon...

Doctor Who Cake

To make things more exciting this was the first time I would ever use my brand new cooker (selected by landlord, not me). But thankfully resulting cake was good! It had to come out 10 mins early as it was getting crispier than normal, but with a bit of chopping into shape, smothering in buttercream and covering in extremely blue rolled fondant, I made a super tasty spaceship - fantastic!

Tardis Cake

Obviously it's not a completely epic Doctor Who night without some chocolate dalek, cybermen and K9...

Doctor Who Chocs

Doctor Who Chocs

And marshmallow adipose to finish, of course.



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