Be Mine you lovely tarts.

It was Valentine's Day a bit ago, so obviously I baked some LOVEly goodies, despite being ill with some weird cold bug. Things have been slightly crazy and eventful since then so unfortunately it's a whole new month now and Valentine's day has since been forgotten and replaced with thoughts of Easter and it's Eggy goodness. However here's my resulting Valentine's bakes...

Queen of Jam Tarts came from a recipe posted by the lovely Party Ideas UK, with zero sugar being used in the pastry - the fruity jam provides the sweetness instead.

Jam Tarts

These ultimate chocolate cupcakes seemed a good choice, although when I say ultimate I may just be getting carried away. They had cocoa powder in the sponge mixture, and the topping was chocolate ganache - my first go at ganache and it worked!ValentinesCakes

Having to limit my proximity with the cakes meant finding some decorating shortcuts, as normally I'd consider hand-piping some amazingly special message/design on the tops. Luckily I'd made some cute pink hearts a while ago for a big celebration cake and kept the extra icing shapes, which came in perfectly handy for this. Being the actual day of Valentinesyness, I had no chance of finding the proper Love Hearts in the shop, but luckily found a bag of Haribo complete with a few hearts - job done!

Valentines cakes & tarts

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