Baa Yumbug.

I love coming across pictures of really creative cake ideas, and challenging myself to recreate them; figuring out how to bring them to life just from seeing a photo of the finished result. Party Ideas UK is an amazing source of inspiration for me, and as we're heading towards Eastertime, sheep cupcakes seemed a perfect design to try!


I figured I'd stick with my basic cupcake recipe that never fails, but used muffin cases which are just that bit bigger than normal cupcake cases, which proved to be perfect for this kind of cake.


Marshmallows do most of the work for the decorations, so it was just a case of making some yummy glue (glace icing - icing sugar and water) and sticking them on to form the sheep's woolly coats (you might call it fleece..) Then the tricky bit - making fondant icing black (messy hands!) and sculpting the sheeps heads. Edible ink pens are perfect for dotting the eyes; they looked rather freaky until that point.

Sheep Cupcakes



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