Monthly Archives: March 2013

Baa Yumbug.

I love coming across pictures of really creative cake ideas, and challenging myself to recreate them; figuring out how to bring them to life just from seeing a photo of the finished result. Party Ideas UK is an amazing source of inspiration for me, and as we're heading towards Eastertime, sheep cupcakes seemed a perfect design to try!

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Here's something we made earlier...

I'd like to say that these were in aid of charity or something, but they weren't.

A good friend of mine is a very talented cook, she's great at 'proper food' and pastry and all kinds of things I wouldn't know how to prepare, never mind cook. Anyway, she wanted me to show her how to make some cupcakes, and I needed a super distraction the evening before my driving test, so we had a BAKE NIGHT...

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Be Mine you lovely tarts.

It was Valentine's Day a bit ago, so obviously I baked some LOVEly goodies, despite being ill with some weird cold bug. Things have been slightly crazy and eventful since then so unfortunately it's a whole new month now and Valentine's day has since been forgotten and replaced with thoughts of Easter and it's Eggy goodness. However here's my resulting Valentine's bakes...

Queen of Jam Tarts came from a recipe posted by the lovely Party Ideas UK, with zero sugar being used in the pastry - the fruity jam provides the sweetness instead.

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