Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cracking custard. Eggciting stuff...

Never has such a basic set of ingredients tasted SO good.

I've never bought a flan dish. But after our recent team bake-off at craft HQ my lovely colleague (famous for her quiches) gave me one! One of my favourite desserts has always been egg custards, and I thought it would be a messy challenge, and the perfect use for my new flan tin.

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Doughball time!

A couple of weeks back we were pretty snowed in (except for the huge ASDA across the road) which meant I could experiment with a savoury recipe that wasn't restricted by time. I've always wanted to make pizza (who doesn't love pizza?!) but to make it properly from scratch without 'cheating', you just can't rush it.

I haven't used yeast since cookery class at school and was reminded why as it gave off its lovely yeasty whiff while working its magic with the other ingredients. After that early stage it was actually pretty fun; kneading dough can seemingly be quite good stress relief and a bit of a workout! After lots of resting, a sprinkling of flour and some good pizza stretching (my Domino's Pizza work experience came in useful) I was ready to top!

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Great British Bake Off

It was the deadline for the next series of The Great British Bake Off earlier this week, and I decided to send off an entry form at the last minute, because you never know! Anyhoo I haven't heard anything back so I guess I didn't make it - but looking forward to the show starting again and will definitely try again next year - hopefully with a lot more baking skill!

So to commemorate here's a cake I made earlier, for a good friend who moved to the states.

Union Jack Cake