If you pass go please collect £200

What better way to celebrate Monopoly night than with Monopoly muffins...

After finding a 'super healthy, low fat' muffin recipe I was curious to give it a go, as I've been using a basic cupcake recipe for pretty much everything in the past and I KNOW there is a demand for cakes that you can eat without guilt...

It seemed a surprisingly simple recipe and really quick to make, and knowing what went into the recipe (and more importantly what didn't!) I did have my reservations about the end result. However they came out of the oven looking very much like muffins - not the prettiest cakes I've done, but I had a theme and an idea to spruce them up a little...

Monopoly Muffins Process

So here's the deal - you can eat them as they are and be super healthy, or you can add a small amount of buttercream and sugarpaste and make MONOPOLY MUFFINS.

I'll work out some nutritional info someday as I'm not a very scientific baker but feel that this recipe (which I accidentally adapted but let's not go there..) even with a bit of sugary decoration is SO much healthier than a regular cupcake. I have lots more exciting ideas coming up following on from this one :)

Monopoly Muffins



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