Monthly Archives: January 2013

If you pass go please collect £200

What better way to celebrate Monopoly night than with Monopoly muffins...

After finding a 'super healthy, low fat' muffin recipe I was curious to give it a go, as I've been using a basic cupcake recipe for pretty much everything in the past and I KNOW there is a demand for cakes that you can eat without guilt...

It seemed a surprisingly simple recipe and really quick to make, and knowing what went into the recipe (and more importantly what didn't!) I did have my reservations about the end result. However they came out of the oven looking very much like muffins - not the prettiest cakes I've done, but I had a theme and an idea to spruce them up a little...

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Montage à la cake

A selection of older cakes I’ve previously made for special celebrations. You can’t celebrate ANYTHING without cake. Think these have made quite a few people happy – mission accomplished!

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A piece of heArt

My first real venture into proper cake making and this was the result. Unfortunately I never got to taste it, but the fruit cake off-cuts were yummy stuff, and ALL the decorations were made from icing and completely edible.


To be or not to be, that is the question (Hamlet)


I'm hoping to include some nutritional info as well as costings soon (complete with pie charts…), the idea being you can use creativity to improve anything. In this case, the cake has 50% sugar and the rest sweetener – taste test to follow tomorrow but it sure smells good :)